Dinosaur Bones

The hardest part about this beef rib dinosaur bones recipe is dinosaur bones finding the ribs! You will be looking for long, dinosaur bones, for your smoked beef ribs. They are often right in front of your eyes in the meat department, but they have been cut differently. They usually show up as beef short ribs that look like this…

As you can see, the ribs were cut across the bones leaving you with very short bones (about 2 inches).

What you want to do is catch the butcher before they cut them up into short ribs and get the whole slab that has the long bones (about 10 inches).

The uncut dinosaur bones will usually not smoked beef ribs be in the display case because the beef short ribs are much more popular and sell better. But they will usually have the uncut ribs in the back if you ask for them. If they don’t have any, just ask them to order you some and just make sure to tell them you want them uncut.

The other beef ribs you may see at the grocery store are beef back ribs.

Those are OK, but they are not the dinosaur bones required for this recipe. If you get the back ribs, you should remove the chine bone between the ribs before cooking.

Just one of their specialties is a smoked beef rib about a foot long. Now those are some real dinosaur bones! If you have a real good relationship with your butcher, you can talk him or her into cutting you some foot longs too.

As with any ribcage, beef ribs go all the way from the loin backs to the spares. There’s plenty of room there to cut some very long ribs if done correctly.

Try to avoid “shiners” – that’s when the butcher cuts too close to the bone on the top of the rib and the result is an exposed bone with little or no meat on that spot. smoked beef ribs

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