Why will eternal dieters never lose weight? Nutritionist’s opinion

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People send quite a lot of letters to the editor. “I can’t lose weight” is the most topical subject before beach season. Apparently, you can’t do without the nutritionist’s advice!

“A year ago, I eliminated sugar and fast food from my life, I go to the gym 3 times a week, I do abs exercises every day and go jogging every morning. However, the harder I work, the less the progress is. I lost just 13 lb in a year, but I need to get rid of 22-26 lb. What should I do?

Mary, 32 y.o.

“I’ve been losing weight as long as I remember myself. I don’t eat much, I do physical work. After work, I play volleyball or go to the swimming pool. But I’m fat anyway! Despite my active lifestyle, my weight is as much as 180 lb and I can’t lose weight. Whenever I drop guard and eat a bar of chocolate or miss a workout, I immediately gain 3-4 extra kilos. Help me please!”

Melanie, 41 y.o.

“”Eternal dieters”, men and women, are frequent visitors to me. They literally come with tears in their eyes. They are ready to spend months eating salad and apples, working out at the gym and not eating their favourite desserts for the sake of slim waist and thighs. But they somehow don’t lose weight! They tried out every possible solution but either got no result or regained weight after any time they failed a diet”.

Tony Gerber
health specialist

What’s the reason? It's all the fault of the slow metabolism. People who are prone to putting on weight have naturally slow metabolism and dieting makes it even slower. That’s why if your weight exceeds normal, strict diets will only be harmful for you.

Low-calorie diets are very stressful for your body - it feels that you “launched a hunger strike”, strives to use less energy and begins to gain fat faster even if you combine dieting and regular exercise.

On the opposite, the more carefree your body is, the more willingly it bids goodbye to the extra kilos. But it’s hard to achieve this naturally, you need a special solution to boost your metabolism.

The life of the Buddhist monks in the ancient monasteries in Laos is a perfect example. They sit praying almost all day long, they get on by generous donations of the worshippers and feast almost every evening before bed.

A regular European whose metabolism is slow would already weigh more than 220 lb. But the Lao monks stay slim and healthy even in old age!

My colleagues explored this phenomenon in the 80-s. They found out that there’s a ritual to perform between praying and meditating – having a cup of matcha tea. This is a tasty drink based on powdered leaves of Japanese tea. The monks say that it helps to keep in shape, to prevent diseases and weight gain.

Matcha tea is a valuable source of thiamine, theophyllin, riboflavin, retinol and other components that naturally boost metabolism. Those who could gain weight because of eating just one more bun than they should can easily lose extra kilos without regaining weight thanks to this tea. Catechins contained in the matcha formula dissolve fat cells (lipids) that we get with food, prevent them from making your thighs and waist bigger. Catechins reduce big molecules of fat to smaller triglycerides that go out of the body with urine, feces and sweat.

It’s clinically proved that, on top of everything else, matcha tea improves heart function, vascular health and endocrine system, stimulates tissue regeneration and even prevents ageing and age-related sagging skin (ptosis).

In our country, matcha is sold under Matcha Slim brand name. The product is enriched with taurine – a carbohydrate that speeds up digestion – and citric acid extract that eliminates toxins, salt and other harmful substances from your body. This drink helps to lose weight faster than traditional matcha tea. Basing on my observations, 3-4 weeks of daily taking of Matcha Slim make people lose up to 26-33 lb - even if they couldn’t lose weight with the help of diets and exercise.

This is what my clients who added Matcha Slim to their diet plans look like. All these pictures are published with their permission:

Max, 39 y.o.

Before – 229 lb, after – 196 lb

Malena, 27 y.o.

Before – 202 lb, after – 163 lb

Diana, 32 y.o.

Before – 178 lb, after – 149 lb

Sintia, 24 y.o.

Before – 169 lb, after – 136 lb

They don’t keep diets and they barely do sport – just some exercises in the morning, nothing more. But, thanks to Matcha Slim , their metabolism normalized in just a month. Now excess weight doesn’t threaten them.

You can buy Matcha Slim here . This is an official tea supplier from Asia. I can’t vouch for other manufacturers – sometimes you can find some regular colored CTC tea sold as Matcha Slim . That’s why it’s better and safer to order it on the official site.


It’s easy-to-take. You drink it as tea, eat whatever you want and get the desired result.

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Hi everyone! I tried Matcha Slim . Lost just 17 lb in a month :(

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Nathalie, that’s okay. It takes some people years to lose 17 lb.

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Does anyone know whether it’s OK to drink Matcha Slim for more than a month? The Instruction for use says the course duration is 30 days, but I need to lose 55 lb.

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Claire, take a 2-week break and drink it for one more month.

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I started drinking it, ate everything I love and lost 19 lb. I believe that the nutritionist is right: there’s no need to exercise yourself to death at the gym. I have neither time nor desire for that. This solution is perfect for people like me! Highly recommended! These are my results.

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Before I began to drink Matcha Slim , my weight was 198 lb. I used to be slim when I was young, but I somehow gained love handles and belly fat. I worked out hard, but couldn’t get in my regular shape. Then I tried this product on my friend’s recommendation and here’s what it leads to in two months!

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I’ve been to Laos and saw this green tea. If I knew that it helps to lose weight, I would bring a big bag of tea home!

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Just boasting! Lost 28 lb in 3 weeks!

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Kitty, what about controlling your eating? People stuff themselves with food, gain fat and then don’t know how to get in shape.

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Liana , as a doctor, I should say that some people are genetically predisposed to weight gain and regular diets don’t work for them – they need some other solutions. You’re lucky if you aren’t predisposed to weight gain, but be sure that some people aren’t that lucky.

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I have the same problem. I’ve tried so many diets, but I’m still fat.

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Thanks for your advice. It’s great that you told where we can order the product.

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