Smoothie Diet

What makes the Smoothie Diet so different?

The other day, I wrote to you about the Smoothie Diet, Coach Drew Sgoutas’ 21-day smoothie-based diet program.

I know this is all new to you, so I want to help you decide if this is the right program for you.

Here is just a tiny fragment of ways that The Smoothie Diet is different from other weight loss programs.

It’s No Miracle Diet

The Smoothie Diet is a sustainable, healthy eating plan that allows you to lose weight over 21 days, and gives you the option of either continuing on afterward or returning to all solid meals. This diet is not a fad or a trick. It’s easy to follow and anyone can do it.

It was MADE for busy people

If you’re busy, then you’re about to fall in love with a diet (yes, you read that correctly). As long as you can set aside about 20 minutes to make the smoothies in the morning, you’ll have all the time you need to make this diet work for you.

It’s easier than pie (and also kind of tastes like pie?)

All the recipes are super easy to follow and made with ingredients you can find in any grocery store. (And yes, they’re decadent and delicious!)

You don’t have to give up food

This isn’t JUST a smoothie diet. You drink 2 smoothies every day, but you still eat a whole healthy meal and snacks every day (samples are provided in the Smoothie Diet guide). If you need or want a break, you can add in a flex day every week and just eat regular foods (following the included Smoothie Diet guide). This flexibility makes it easy to manage, even if your schedule is unpredictable.

You get WAY MORE than just fat loss

In case losing 10, 20, 45, or 70lbs of stubborn fat isn’t enough for you, you also get all kinds of other incredible benefits from the Smoothie Diet. People who complete this program also experience:

  • Boosted energy (you won’t even need your coffee anymore  – though you can still drink it because coffee is wonderful)
  • No more “brain fog” so you can watch your productivity soar!
  • Healthy, dewy, glowing skin (Hello Instagram-worthy selfies!)
  • A permanent end to annoying belly bloat
  • Cozy, amazing deep sleep so you can launch into each new day, alert and happy

And most importantly, you can lose as much weight as you want!

I can’t tell you exactly how much weight you’ll lose on the Smoothie Diet, because it will depend on a lot of factors, but one of Drew’s clients (Amanda) used the Smoothie Diet after the birth of her second son and lost 70 lbs (she started with the 21-day plan and then kept going for a few months by following Drew’s tips). Another client, Dawn, lost 14 lbs in the 21 days. So, while there is no specific number, you can be sure you’ll lose weight and love the process.

Not bad for a 3-week commitment! Get started here.

To quote one of Coach Drew’s clients, “It’s hard for me to put a price on something that changes your health so much for the better.”

And while it’s true that it’s hard to put a price on something so wonderful, this program does have a price, and right now that price is $10 cheaper than usual!

What are you waiting for?

What are Alkaline Smoothies

What is an Alkaline Smoothie?

Alkaline smoothies are a kind of smoothie with a high pH level. Well-prepared alkaline smoothies should not cause acid reflux symptoms if consumed.

To make a good smoothie, an alkaline is added to fruits to reduce the acidity in them and help in neutralizing acid in the stomach.

For example, juices containing berries, bananas, and orange juice are not healthy since they have many acids.

An alkaline base is added to reduce the concentration of acid in fruit juices, which counteract the acid. They are suitable for a person diagnosed with acid reflux.

Advantages of Alkaline Smoothies

Alkaline smoothies are imperative because they keep the body alkalized, they are delicious and easy to prepare, and can be taken for weight loss.

They also act as strong oxidants: hydrogen, which has an antiaging impact, and they are known to prevent and treat dangerous diseases such as gout, stomach pain, acid reflux, and diabetes.

In addition, they are rich in natural minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium

which are essential to the old aged, children, and pregnant women since they contain stable content of ingredients suitable for their bodies.

Further, alkaline smoothies are rich in natural neutralizer that helps balance the acid alkalinity condition in the body.

In general, alkaline smoothies are consumed to better the body’s function and are recommended to be taken in the morning instead of having coffee.

Are smoothies alkaline or acidic?

Smoothies made with bananas, berries, and an orange juice base are acidic and dangerous for acid reflux sufferers. In this case, it’s the orange juice basis that makes the drink unsuitable for people who suffer from acid reflux.

Examples of Smoothie

Some of these smoothies that are alkaline are blueberry banana smoothies, dreamy orange smoothies, classic green smoothies, pineapple coconut smoothies, chocolate peanut butter smoothies, and strawberry banana smoothies.

The main difference between this kind of smoothie is the ingredients used. For example, ingredients for making a classic green smoothie include spinach, creamy ingredients, fruits, and optional enhancers.

Ingredients for pineapple coconut smoothie comprise chopped fresh pineapple, coconut milk, tablespoon coconut, cup ice, and toasted coconut.

alkaline Smoothie

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